Our Approach


First of all, we are the difference. In particular, our President is the primary difference. Our company is actively managed – every day and night 365 days a year. You can contact George Pettos anytime – he will take care of you if for some reason we’ve failed to make you feel great about our service or if there is something else we can do for you.

Second, what is our secret? We specialize in condominium cleaning and that is ALL we do, condominium cleaning. We recruit the best possible cleaners and pay higher wages than industry counterparts. Our cleaners must have successful track records in our industry. Nearly all new hires are referred by someone on our cleaning staff. Most importantly, our crews must be good people – remember, every customer (and we do mean every customer) remembers how you make them feel.

Third, we tell it to you straight. When we provide you with proposal for your condominium cleaning, we include a breakdown sheet which shows what our expenses and profits are for your site, what the staff would be making and You and the Board Members can be assured that they will get paid exactly what we quoted. We know that all the residents as well as the Board Members want the cleaning staff to be paid fairly.


  • To behave responsibly and ethically towards our coworkers and clients at all times. Absolute unconditional respect for all the residents, property managers and your property.
  • To build a green cleaning business that has a reputation for quality work and honesty.
  • To provide our clients all their janitorial services needs, in a quality manner.
  • To treat our clients with courtesy and in a professional manner.
  • To understand our clients everyday needs and to establish long term business relationship with them.
  • To provide out clients with a value-added, customized cleaning services solution.
  • To treat our clients and employees with the respect, fairness and dignity they deserve.
  • To operate a business for which we have enthusiasm and pride.
  • To be a leader, not a follower, in our industry.

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