Company Provisions


PMSL will furnish personnel, materials, supplies and equipment as necessary to the performance of all services specified. These supplies and equipment consist of brooms, dust mops, brushed mop heads, buckets, buffing machines, wide area vacuums, heap filter vacuums, cleaning products, disinfectants, polishes, scouring powders, microfiber cleaning cloths, face masks, disposable gloves, scrapers, window squeegees , extension poles, dusters, etc. . Restroom supplies and similar items, such as paper towels, toilet tissue, toilet seat covers, hand soaps, air fresheners, enzyme odor counteractions, urinal screens, garbage liners, garbage bags, recycling bags, hair and body shampoos, hand sanitizers, etc., will be supplied by the Customer or they may be purchased through PMSL and billed to the Customer in addition to the regular monthly billing. Our customers know and trust the quality of our cleaning products and equipment and can expect our best on a daily basis. Our mission is to provide every customer with a clean, safe, healthy and productive environment, and our commitment to quality cleaning is unsurpassed.


It shall be mutually understood and agreed that no person other than authorized PMSL employee will be permitted to enter premises during the period PMSL is performing services.


PMSL is covered by a general liability policy with a coverage of $5,000,000.00 including property and bodily damage and employee dishonesty insurance.


Periodic inspection by PMSL representative will be made. At the minimum, the inspections will be performed every 7 to 10 days. Should there be any questions regarding the manner in which the work has been performed or deficiencies noted, it will be corrected within 48 hours or at a mutually agreed on time between the Property Manager and PMSL representative. In majority of the cases, PMSL representative will respond in person to any deficiencies the same day.


A thirty (30) day cancellation may be invoked by the Client as well as PMSL. A written cancellation notice must be sent.


We provide no excuses, first-time-right, commercial janitorial and building maintenance services. We will treat all PMSL clients, team members and business partners fairly. Without them we have no company.

If Pettos Maintenance Service Ltd., is awarded a contract for the services listed, we will provide you with:

OUTSTANDING RESULTS: Each time. Every Time

STRAIGHT TALK: Just honest talk. Expertise and diligent work.

SINGLE MINDED: Our high-quality work will set your condominium apart, no matter what.

Day after day. Every day. Period.

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