Carpet Cleaning


The Value of Effective Carpet Cleaning

Your Commercial carpet installation is a significant investment, both in monetary terms and overall facility image. A consistent and effective carpet maintenance pro- gram can preserve the facility image and dramatically extend the life of your carpet investment. An effective cleaning and maintenance program:

• Allows for healthy reuse of space

• Maintains the value of property and reduces the rate of depreciation

• Contributes directly to personal security, comfort and productivity

• Accents aesthetics

• Contributes to environmental protection

• Ensures sanitation

Essential Services for a Cleaner Environment

Entrance Mat Maintenance

• Your first line of defence. Poorly maintained mats cannot trap soils, which means dirt will be spread throughout your building.

• Neglecting mats can increase the frequency of carpet cleaning.

• Extraction Cleaning allows the mat to be cleaned in place.

• Petto’s recommend cleaning mats twice a month during the winter months to effectively remove a variety of soils that are damaging to carpeting as well as hard floor surfaces.

Common Elements

• Petto’s recommended semi-annual deep cleaning will keep your flooring investment looking great, and will greatly extend your carpets life expectancy.

• Competitive prices include spot removal, gum removal, and traffic lane treatments.

• Emergency cleaning available .

• A clean environment says welcome, and instils a pride of owner- ship.

Interim Maintenance Procedures

• This procedure targets high traffic and problematic areas.

• Periodic spotting programs available .

• Low moisture extraction or bonnet cleaning programs tailored to meet your building needs.

• Improves overall appearance levels.

• Faster drying times.

Party/Multi Purpose Rooms & Upholstery

• Food & Beverage soil removal from carpeting and upholstered furniture.

• Ink removal from fabrics.

• Deodorizing and Fabric Scotch Guarding available.

• Scheduled programs or On Demand cleaning.

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