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Attila Benyi, R.C.M.

I would like to recommend Pettos Maintenance Services Ltd. as a supplier to the condominium industry. I have used the above noted company in my position as a condominium manager for many years and I have constantly received good quality service.

The staff is well trained, uniformed, have a positive attitude when fulfilling their duties and follow the management team’s instructions in a timely manner.

The company and especially Mr. George Pettos and Mrs. Grace Roosman were also very helpful and informative when it came to the proper steps and the various components when considering the cleaning services at large size condominium corporations.

I strongly recommend Pettos Maintenance Services Ltd. as a service provider.

Attila Benyi, R.C.M., RPA, SMA, Property Manager
  • 8th July 20138/07/13
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